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Where dreams are inspired, passions are ignited, and ideas are implemented.  Partnerships and collaborations abound every day.  Come join us! We are glad you are here!



LifeHouse started as a deep conviction from God when founder Karyn Thornhill was reading a description of the early church in Acts 2. In the passage, people were coming together with glad and sincere hearts, sharing with all who had need, and lives where being saved. The Lord moved her to give up the office space she was renting and find the largest affordable space in order to share it with others. LifeHouse was named in the prayer that God would fill the space with life - and He has!

With the tagline of 'Inspire. Ignite. Implement.', LifeHouse provides both physical space and community resources in order to connect people desiring to serve with opportunities to use their God-given talents. Currently, LifeHouse is the home to Jackson Youth for Christ and Jackson Leadership Foundation and also serves as a meeting space for people all throughout the community.