Community Leaders Breakfast

By Karyn Thornhill

Recently, LifeHouse held a Community Leaders Breakfast to engage some new folks and I have to say I am still a bit on cloud nine. The diversity in the room—from age, race, gender, and political persuasion—was palpable and the excitement for our future was electric. Unified first as brothers and sisters in Christ, we all listened enthusiastically as our In House Partners, Henry Murphy with Jackson Youth for Christ and Samuel Bolen with Jackson Leadership Foundation, shared their vision and passion for the city. Working with both middle schoolers and area Christian nonprofits, they were able to tell us personal stories of true life change. Dr. John Perkins spoke at the end emotionally saying, “I am seeing before my eyes the fulfillment of my dream.” Rev. Neddie Winters said, “I leave with great enthusiasm and encouragement.” So many joyful faces under one roof.  My heart was full—and still is!