Helping Hands All Around: Davis Day and an Eagle Scout Project Spotlight


Our partnership with Davis Magnet Elementary School is an ongoing gift that I would have never dreamed to dream when we first purchased LifeHouse. The back of the property had a very thick row of bamboo that served as a buffer to all that was on the other side of the fence – all but the noise! In the early days it was interesting how many people would say, “Don’t those kids just drive you crazy?” Well, no. I loved hearing their silly laughter and could picture their sweet faces as they ran around on the playground. I knew eventually I would meet them and learn some of their names. Through an “Only God” moment, I soon learned I had a connection with one of the teachers—she had actually taught my son fifth grade! She gave several of us a tour of the school, and since then we have all been hooked. 

Whether it is having the kids at LifeHouse for their Community Leadership Day, hosting their teachers for a conference, participating with their PTA in fundraising initiatives or planting in their community garden, we at LifeHouse Ministries look forward to every interaction.  Principal Dr. Kathleen Grigsby is the best of the best and has such a special way of making learning fun.  It was a joy to welcome her to a recent LifeHouse Board meeting to share her personal story and her vision for her students and the school. We cannot wait to see what is next, and we would love for you to join us!        ---Karyn Thornhill, LifeHouse Founder

Recently, LifeHouse Ministries joined together volunteers and resources to bring to life a vision Dr. Grigsby had for the school. Kevin Upchurch, one of LifeHouse Ministries’ Board Members, played an integral part on the success of this project, and I am happy to let him continue this story.

Giving to the Community: The Davis School Garden Project

By Kevin Upchurch

In spite of drizzling rain and 46-degree weather, the Davis School Garden Project was a huge success. At the end of the day, all nine of the large planters at Davis were weeded and filled with various fruit and vegetable plants, ranging from strawberries to turnip greens! Those old broken-down garden benches are now back up and ready for use with new treated lumber, and the muscadine vines are back in-check and not out-of-hand. Stepping stones were set so that there is now a winding path through the garden. Weeds, leaves, and dead limbs are now gone, and the front entrance now welcomes everyone with bright pansies. The students from the Northwest Rankin High school Beta Club and the Belhaven University Leadership Council get much credit for making the Davis School Garden Project a huge success!

Around this same time, we saw the fulfillment of another partnership with the community. LifeHouse Ministries’ Board Member Joel Yelverton saw this project from start to finish.

The Community Gives Back: Eagle Scout Project

By Joel Yelverton

In the fall of 2017, LifeHouse Ministries was approached about working with a local Boy Scout needing a project as part of fulfilling his requirements for designation as an Eagle Scout. LifeHouse Board members met with Brandon resident Griffin Adcock in exploring ideas that would not only meet Griffin’s requirements but also accomplish a must needed makeover at LifeHouse’s facility located at 745 North President.

Throughout the winter Griffin planned and designed a complete landscape redesign of the backyard/courtyard at LifeHouse. This effort culminated on the weekend of April 13-15 when Griffin along with members of Troop 29 and family worked through wind, rain and cold in an effort to complete the project.

I would like to encourage Friends of LifeHouse to drop by and witness the work Griffin completed. The design was nothing short of professional and the courtyard can be used and enjoyed by all. Thanks Griffin! You blessed us with your talent and effort. You will always be LifeHouse’s Eagle!