A New Perspective: Life After Missions

By Karyn Thornhill

Lunch and Learn events at LifeHouse are one of our favorite ways to engage with the community. Our heart is to listen well to the needs of those around us and then respond by bringing people together with a common interest; allowing them to make a new friend or develop a support group along the way. 

Our most recent L&L on Thursday, May 10 centered on the challenging topic of returning home from the mission field. John Kelly and Alyssa Wilmoth led an honest and frank discussion about the difficult emotions we often face such as guilt, sadness, and an overall sense of helplessness. Circling together in prayer, we were able to encourage one another and point our hearts towards God – our Great Redeemer. Be on the lookout for our next L&L, and if you have a topic that you would like to see discussed, we are all ears!