At LifeHouse, we love ART and even more importantly ARTISTS!  Continue to check in with us as we showcase a variety of incredibly gifted artists - not only giving you an opportunity to hear their stories but an opportunity to purchase their work as well.  A portion of all proceeds goes to the sustainability of LifeHouse.

Learn who's behind the paintbrush & the inspiration behind the paint!

Sarah McTaggart

Christy Henderson


Native Mississippian, Sarah McTaggart’s love for art has enabled her to work in different art mediums for over 23 years.  After receiving a commercial art degree, she quickly realized her true love was fine art. Her “no fear” approach is evident in the colors and textures she uses in her work.  Her signature piece is titled the “Praise Lady” which was inspired by God’s healing and grace in her own life. Sarah has a deep desire that her art would be an inspiration to others and encourages each person to create without being afraid of “messing up.” Sarah spends her time in her studio and with her husband Mark Adcock and their combined family of five boys.

im christy henderson and i am a free spirit who loves to dance with the paintbrush in honor of the sweet grace of Jesus. self taught and heavily influenced by my precious parents who were wildly daddy is a builder and my mama an avid gardener and former seamstress. my art shows signs of their handiwork with a mixture of construction materials like housepaint and sheetrock mud with all the colors of a summer garden. im blessed with an amazingly supportive husband, chip. and im mama to 3 beautiful children full of the love of the Lord... Rachel, 20. McKenzie, 17. and my boy Regan, 13. oh, andmy tiny little black schnauzer, Gracie. My life has been quite the journey of ups and downs + my God has walked with me,
directed me, and at times carried me straight through. it is one of my greatest desires that God may be honored in my artwork and that its proceedsmay benefit many, including orphans, widows, and the poorest of the poor. i pray that every piece will bring a touch of joy to each home in which it hangs and in the hearts of those with whom it is shared.